Monday, September 24, 2007

Pipers new "thing"....

Ok, don't really know how I feel about this....well, I don't really care for it. Michael set up his old, junker, antique of a computer up in the basement for Piper to learn how to click and point, get interested in technology stuff. Well, she got the hang of it, and now if I don't watch it, the next thing you know she will be sitting in the chair, pizza boxes and empty mountain dew cans strewn about, a little on the husky side, begging me to take her to the gencon convention for her birthday to meet her "cyber friends". She loves it so much (she plays sesame street games) that I'm limiting it to about 30 minutes in the morning (basically so I can read my daily blogs and drink coffee in peace...) Anyway, mark my word, we will never had a gaming system in the home, I hate the thought of x-box or nintendo in the house....a total time burgler. But a computer, well, hopefully it's a little different, I keep telling myself that.

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