Friday, September 14, 2007

she's crafty...

As I now have a tiny baby and have gone back to work, I find it increasingly hard to entertain Piper on a daily basis. She is soooooo incredibly busy and active, she need much more stimulus than I can provide for her. As I try to be a good mother, and not use the TV to babysit her, I am always looking for creative,educational, non-battery operated toys for her to play with. This is my new find, and it's so fun to play's Playfoam. It's along the dame lines as playdough, but it never dries out (that's what the package says), does not stick to your hands or any other surface, and it's made out of these tiny sculpting beads. Anyway, we had a good hour of fun with it yesterday till it was time to move onto "something better", as Piper would call it.

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